There are many exciting elements to this summer’s Olympics, but for me the one thing that stands above all others is sprinter Oscar Pistorius. I know there’s been some controversy and the conversation continues as to whether his cheetah blades give him an unfair advantage. I don’t understand how anyone can think that, though I […]


(Note: This dispatch was originally written in April 2012, during a trip to Grand Junction.) It wasn’t easy, but I’d conquered my fear—mostly—of Zippety-Do-Da, one of the more exposed trails in Grand Junction/Fruita area. I’d ridden all of the spine of Zippety—a very narrow singletrack that runs along the Bookcliffs, undaunted by the long drop-offs […]

Living Fires

I rode a very short loop the other day on a trail just south of Boulder. I’d planned to drive into the mountains to Walker Ranch, but at lunchtime lightning struck the Flatirons and started a wildfire that quickly loomed over Boulder in a massive gray-blue cloud. I guessed—correctly—that Flagstaff Road would probably be closed, […]

I Heart Colorado

Biking–and living–in Colorado is pretty great. I am very lucky. Let me show you why. I mean, let me count the ways. 1. The sky.   2. The mountains.   3. The strange things you see while in those mountains. And… 4.The neat public artwork. 5. The awfully cute and amazing Colorado gals I know, […]