(Note: This dispatch was originally written in April 2012, during a trip to Grand Junction.) It wasn’t easy, but I’d conquered my fear—mostly—of Zippety-Do-Da, one of the more exposed trails in Grand Junction/Fruita area. I’d ridden all of the spine of Zippety—a very narrow singletrack that runs along the Bookcliffs, undaunted by the long drop-offsContinue reading “Acrophopbia”

Spin Class is Boring When The Instructor Plays Lousy Music and Talks Too Much

It’s winter and that means I do little riding out of doors, and am relegated to the strange windowless back room of my suburban rec center, where I sit on a stationary bike with, oh, 54 other folks, and I pedal like a maniac, wearing old t-shirts with cut-off sleeves. It ain’t real riding butContinue reading “Spin Class is Boring When The Instructor Plays Lousy Music and Talks Too Much”

What’s Been Up Lately (On Two Feet, No Wheels)

I haven’t ridden in a while. Real life has rudely intruded. Though sometimes it’s good to let it, so you can get the itch back again. In the meantime, I have polished up some riding haiku. I’M NOT SCARED HAIKU (Written after riding the Matthew’s Winters + Hogback Trail and White Ranch, Golden CO) LightningContinue reading “What’s Been Up Lately (On Two Feet, No Wheels)”

It’s All in Your Head

There are those certain special sections on your local ride. You know them well. They’re sorta scary, but not really dangerous. But the line is difficult to find. Often you pedal up to the first part of a series of obstacles–waterbars, rocks, roots, drop-offs, etc.–and you hit it, determined to fly over the damn thing.Continue reading “It’s All in Your Head”