Is This Going to Live Forever?

No riding today: blah gray sky, melting snow. The trails are probably total muck. (I am going to overhaul my Mavic rear hub and go for a road ride, though. Wish me luck.) In the meantime I’ve been lying around reading the New York Times Magazine from last Sunday–specifically the article “Things To Do inContinue reading “Is This Going to Live Forever?”

The Weeks Slide By

How does time cruise by so quick? Suddenly I wake up and it’s August, and I haven’t ridden in almost a week. And I am already nostalgic about the rides I have taken, like the one at Buffalo Creek where my riding buddy Ed and I ran across this: A horse in the middle ofContinue reading “The Weeks Slide By”

The Trail Always Lies Ahead

The season has begun in earnest, though the weather has been incredibly bad here in Denver these first few weeks of June–daily tornado warnings, wicked heavy hailstorms. Plus, as usual, I am a very busy man, with classes to teach, kiddos to hang out with, garden plots to weed, lawns to mow. Sometimes I wonderContinue reading “The Trail Always Lies Ahead”