What’s Been Up Lately (On Two Feet, No Wheels)

I haven’t ridden in a while. Real life has rudely intruded. Though sometimes it’s good to let it, so you can get the itch back again.

In the meantime, I have polished up some riding haiku.

(Written after riding the Matthew’s Winters + Hogback Trail and White Ranch, Golden CO)

Lightning strikes here lots.
A warning sign says so–right
next to a graveyard.

* * *

Here’s the place where Ed,
my friend, crashed, smashed his elbow.
I tiptoe my way

* * *

The trail is rutted
and denuded. Rocks stick out.
My bike hops and skips
(a lot like my heart).

* * *

Just one jutting rock
on my left as I roll by–
grates my leg, like cheese.

* * *

Big blue sunset clouds
as I drive home, a good tired.
Endorphin high = bliss.

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