My First Bike Race

Note: Following is an imaginary transcript of a phone call I would have made during the Winter Park XC Super Loop Race on June 25—if I’d been feeling chatty. (Inspired by a Frank O’Hara poem.) Hello, this is Roberta from the Department of Rationalization—how may I help you? Hi, Roberta thanks for taking my call. […]

Into the Woods

Riding on Wednesday afternoon, the sky hung low and there was a misty fog in the air, and it was cold, around 50 degrees. More like the east or west coast than the usually dry, airy foothills west of Denver, which was nice for a change. There were a few other riders out, but not […]

Dream On

I keep surfing craigslist and ebay, admiring from afar–and in an abstract way–single speed 29ers. I’ve converted my old 26er into a single speed, and rode it a few times last summer. It was, of course, a completely different experience, and an exhausting ride. And therefore a complete blast. I really dug it, though during […]