Dream On


I keep surfing craigslist and ebay, admiring from afar–and in an abstract way–single speed 29ers.

I’ve converted my old 26er into a single speed, and rode it a few times last summer. It was, of course, a completely different experience, and an exhausting ride. And therefore a complete blast.

I really dug it, though during one ride up Mt. Falcon I kind of tweaked my knee, sitting and pedaling a bit too hard. Alas, I am getting old.

Maybe my knees won’t take 29er single-speeding, and certainly I shouldn’t blow money on something I can’t actually do. (I think as you get older it’s sometimes more fun buying expensive gear, and less fun actually using it. A very dangerous trap.)

I guess I’ll wait on that. Maybe I’ll do something truly profound: ride the bikes I already have in the garage.

Though, in the meantime, I’ve begun spying the process of getting my shock and fork Pushed.

Gotta spend money somewhere, right?

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