There are many exciting elements to this summer’s Olympics, but for me the one thing that stands above all others is sprinter Oscar Pistorius.

I know there’s been some controversy and the conversation continues as to whether his cheetah blades give him an unfair advantage. I don’t understand how anyone can think that, though I am not a biomechanics expert. As my wife said while watched one of his races, “If you’re running against him and think he’s got an advantage, then you should train harder and run faster.”

Truth is, the guy can fly, and I found his qualifying run in the semifinals of the 400 meter run incredibly inspiring.

Watching him race, I know that any complaints I might have–about pretty much anything–are not worthy.

That’s what makes the Olympics unique to the global human experience–getting to see athletes push themselves to new heights, to see them strive to overcome whatever obstacles lay before them, to watch them seize their innate potential for greatness, and to manifest it, if they can.

This sounds like a trite and overdone commercial for some product, but a question lingers in my mind as I ponder all this: how can I be great today?

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