Bike Sharing is Fun!

A few weeks ago, while in Washington, D.C. at a conference, I had the great joy of finally trying out a bikeshare bike, DC-style. They were around all summer here in Denver, but I never got around to it.

Too bad, because it was a blast. It’s like becoming a green, carbon-snarfing, cool-nerd traveler. What a great combination of personalities.

Of course, it was freezing cold, and of course, traffic was gnarly. And of course, one time I had to grind it out a long steep hill—in corduroys, with a scarf around my neck.

But I got where I wanted to go within the 30 minute-time limit, and so I owed them nothing. Well, nothing except the $5.00 one-day membership to the program.

The bike itself rode totally swell. They’re heavy—or shall I say sturdy—and have a simple three-speed shifting pattern, though I kept forgetting which way went high or low. This engendered some pedal stomping and some crazy-legged speed pedaling at a few points.

But if you’re ever in a bikeshare city and need to get from point A to point B, I highly recommend trying out a bike. It’s so much more pleasant than a cab. And you don’t need a lock.

And you’ll be a totally cool green nerd. Like me.

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