January is Warm–and Arty

I rode Green Mountain yesterday around sunset–it was 68 degrees in Denver, which is absolutely nuts–and found myself viewing every panorama as contemporary art. Seems like I saw some Pollock on the trail, some Warhol in the parking lot, some Dali in the sky.

Maybe I’m art-obsessed because I’ll be giving a talk entitled “Deconstructed Mountain Biking” at Denver Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Mixed Taste–On Ice” lecture series this February 18. The web site says it’s sold out, but I don’t believe it–if it is, it’s due to my partner’s lecture topic. He’ll be talking about Frank Lloyd Wright, which is wonderful because I love Frank Lloyd Wright, and used to live down the street from one of his houses in Buffalo, New York. One of my cousins currently lives directly adjacent to the Darwin Martin House.

Here’s some photo-mountain-biking-Jackson-Pollock for ya, which I’m calling “Pollock In Weeds”:

And here’s a shot of the sunset.

One thought on “January is Warm–and Arty

  1. Lovely. Emmy told me yesterday she’s Picasso-izing her self-portrait. I wonder if there’s a way you could Picasso-ize mountain biking before Derrida-ing it?

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