What’s Been Up Lately (On Two Feet, No Wheels)

I haven’t ridden in a while. Real life has rudely intruded. Though sometimes it’s good to let it, so you can get the itch back again. In the meantime, I have polished up some riding haiku. I’M NOT SCARED HAIKU (Written after riding the Matthew’s Winters + Hogback Trail and White Ranch, Golden CO) LightningContinue reading “What’s Been Up Lately (On Two Feet, No Wheels)”

Three-Day Trip to Summit County

(Note: I’m on a three-day solo trip up to Summit County to check out some of the riding there, and to do lots of writing. I hope to get three rides in, depending on weather, and to camp. All by my lonesome.) It’s around 5 PM, and I’m sitting in a denuded campground along RouteContinue reading “Three-Day Trip to Summit County”

It’s All in Your Head

There are those certain special sections on your local ride. You know them well. They’re sorta scary, but not really dangerous. But the line is difficult to find. Often you pedal up to the first part of a series of obstacles–waterbars, rocks, roots, drop-offs, etc.–and you hit it, determined to fly over the damn thing.Continue reading “It’s All in Your Head”

Mixed Taste, Deconstructed

Two Saturdays ago I had the wonderful privilege of being a speaker at Denver’s Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Mixed Taste—On Ice” lecture series. Simply put, two speakers on vastly differing topics are randomly chosen to pair up and talk about their stuff. Then at the end, during a Q&A session, the audience and speakers areContinue reading “Mixed Taste, Deconstructed”

January is Warm–and Arty

I rode Green Mountain yesterday around sunset–it was 68 degrees in Denver, which is absolutely nuts–and found myself viewing every panorama as contemporary art. Seems like I saw some Pollock on the trail, some Warhol in the parking lot, some Dali in the sky. Maybe I’m art-obsessed because I’ll be giving a talk entitled “DeconstructedContinue reading “January is Warm–and Arty”