Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night….

Rage, rage, against the dying of the full suspension Rocky Mountain ETSX-50, large size. Alas, the ride today ended early, in tragedy. My trusty, well-loved, well-ridden bike is broken. Snapped at the gusset between the frame and rear suspension triangle. I was riding at a place called White Ranch, just north of Golden, Colorado, rollingContinue reading “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night….”

November Riding. Part 2.

Seems like I am falling into a nice pattern–riding every Saturday. My two daughters, 6 and 8, have tennis lessons on Saturday morning, and afterward we drop by an exceedingly busy Starbucks to jostle for a table, where we chow on doughnuts and egg sandwiches. Then we’re over the river and through the woods toContinue reading “November Riding. Part 2.”

November is Freaking Cold. Part 1.

This past weekend, I rode at a local hill called Green Mountain, which is ideal for November–and after the first snow of fall–as it’s open, treeless, and snow tends to melt from the trails quickly. I rode for around two hours, and let me say: it was awfully cold. My fingers and toes were numb;Continue reading “November is Freaking Cold. Part 1.”

The 401 in Crested Butte

Rode all the way up on the 401 Trail, a Colorado classic. The view: gorgeous. The trail: thin singletrack, tall wildflowers just past their flourish of color and beauty. The pitch toward the end: wicked steep. The pain: tremendous. The riding time: around five hours. That night’s sleep: ocean deep. The quick scene, w/dialogue: AContinue reading “The 401 in Crested Butte”

The Weeks Slide By

How does time cruise by so quick? Suddenly I wake up and it’s August, and I haven’t ridden in almost a week. And I am already nostalgic about the rides I have taken, like the one at Buffalo Creek where my riding buddy Ed and I ran across this: A horse in the middle ofContinue reading “The Weeks Slide By”