January is Warm–and Arty

I rode Green Mountain yesterday around sunset–it was 68 degrees in Denver, which is absolutely nuts–and found myself viewing every panorama as contemporary art. Seems like I saw some Pollock on the trail, some Warhol in the parking lot, some Dali in the sky. Maybe I’m art-obsessed because I’ll be giving a talk entitled “DeconstructedContinue reading “January is Warm–and Arty”

Is This Going to Live Forever?

No riding today: blah gray sky, melting snow. The trails are probably total muck. (I am going to overhaul my Mavic rear hub and go for a road ride, though. Wish me luck.) In the meantime I’ve been lying around reading the New York Times Magazine from last Sunday–specifically the article “Things To Do inContinue reading “Is This Going to Live Forever?”

Acquisition = Good Citizen?

At our house, now that Christmas is over and we are finished cleaning up the detritus of plastic packaging, shiny bows, torn wrapping paper, and the like, we can play with our stuff. And, like most, there is a lot of new stuff. Yesterday, my two daughters opened around 12 packages each; we tossed outContinue reading “Acquisition = Good Citizen?”

Memory, Emerson, and the Speed of Time

Yesterday, I rode my single speed up onto North Table Mountain, just outside of Golden, on a new trail, one I hadn’t ridden before. The steep grade made turning the pedals over almost impossible. Slow I went, stopping a few times to regather myself and suck wind. I am well familiar with the pain ofContinue reading “Memory, Emerson, and the Speed of Time”