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Acquisition = Good Citizen?

At our house, now that Christmas is over and we are finished cleaning up the detritus of plastic packaging, shiny bows, torn wrapping paper, and the like, we can play with our stuff. And, like most, there is a lot … Continue reading

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Felt, But Not the Super Soft Kind

Now that my old Rocky Mountain bike frame is RIP, there is both sadness and glee in my riding heart. I will miss that old frame. And yet, now I am free to purchase a new one. We can’t really … Continue reading

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Memory, Emerson, and the Speed of Time

Yesterday, I rode my single speed up onto North Table Mountain, just outside of Golden, on a new trail, one I hadn’t ridden before. The steep grade made turning the pedals over almost impossible. Slow I went, stopping a few … Continue reading

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I am a nostalgic fool, though less so than I used to be. I sometimes find myself lost in the past, glorifying it, deifying it, lamenting it, deconstructing it. And really, most memories are all pretty wonderful in their own … Continue reading

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